One thing I really like about the Elementary writers is that they obviously listen to the fans, with both the numerous livechats and in some subtle ways the series has improved since the beginning

because I know earlier on in the series there were some people complaining that a lot of the stories seemed to be focusing on white men (which is a totally fair point in a series like this where you’ve got these expectations right off the bat that there’s going to be better representation than most shows, people are going to hold you to a high standard)

and it seems like recently there has been more focus on women/POC/WOC (although disclaimer I’m white so feel free to correct me on this if you are a POC and feel differently)

so hopefully they’re also listening to the fans regarding Irene and Moriarty being POC, Irene not being dead (which I think is likely anyway considering the source material) and on better queer representation, particularly QPOC.

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